Software Services

At QED, we realize that no hardware platform is complete without a matching software solution. Our staff have developed embedded and desktop applications to support embedded systems. We've developed user interface solutions for Linux, Windows and MacOS using Visual C++, Java, and LabView. We've also deployed custom embedded solutions built on Linux, Android OS, VxWorks, and/or QNX. We provide a variety of solutions from display widgets to device drivers and everything in between. We have expertise in multi-threading, network socket programming, and custom device driver development, as well as advanced algorithm development to meet your needs.

Our staff not only have advanced degrees in Engineering, but years of real-world experience implementing embedded PID controllers, more exotic Fuzzy and Neural algorithms, and OpenCV based computer vision applications. We're also not afraid of rolling up our sleeves and developing a board support package (BSP) for your unique application. We know how to twiddle JTAG lines, and assembly is our middle name (well, figuratively at least).