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Updated Feb 11-2021:
Production: Our strong suit. Inspite of all the logistic challenges these times are offering, we are well under way. Expecting to ship our first units by the end of the year. We plan to announce our product shortly prior... Stay tuned.


Updated May 20-2020:
Our first update since COVID-19 took the world by storm. We are glad to announce QED was able to successfully transition to "working from home" and we will keep doing so until it is absolutely safe to resume normal work. Our primary concern is the saftey of our team and we have spared no expense to enable full productivity from the saftey of our own homes. We have overcome some setbacks, made quite a bit of progress and have some exciting developments which we will gladly share personally. Feel free to contact us via email using the following link if you would like to get more information.

Contact us via e-mail

Updated September 24-2019:
Amazing response from Industry Day! We got very valuable feedback and input for our sensor improvements for round 2! Next update in a quarter. Exciting Times!
Updated March 29-2019: Amazing response from industry day! Off to the races. Next update in a quarter!
Updated August 03-2018: We've had quite the month. We are eagerly awaiting our hardware delivery ... slated for mid September! We'll have some cool photos within the next two updates. Also, Industry Day 2019 is shaping up. It's looking like early March is a popular date. Email us to reserve your spot.

As always, next update in a month!

Updated June 04-2018: Work resumes. We've had a few milestone acheivements in our signal processing, and we're excited about the results. The prototype units are well under way, and we are still building our guest list for Industry Day 2019. Please contact us if you would like to attend or for additional information on our progress!

Updated April 18-2018: Work continues. We would like to host an "Industry Day" product launch in early 2019 to showcase the sensor and it's capability. We are building our guest list. Please contact us if you would like to attend or for additional information.

Update March 18-2018: We've made a new vision sensor. Designed to see in any condition, it's small, high res, and rugged. The dark? No problem. Rain? Bring it! Fog? What fog! Contact us and we will be glad to show you.

Our prototype unit was a popular hit, so we're building the first set of engineering units. Should be in hand by Q4. We'll use this space to provide updates. Next update in a month. Stay tuned!
Update February 18-2018: We're building something new...
After years developing it, we're excited to share.
We're in the process of raising funds to take our product from prototype into production. This can be a sensitive time, so we have have to stay in stealth mode a little bit longer.

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